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Offering Quality Dog Training Solutions in

Lewis and Clark Canine Training and Tracking is proud to offer professional dog obedience training services to our clients in Atlanta and nationwide. We have forged a reputation for helping dog owners across the nation to resolve problematic dog behaviors. We use positive reinforcement, verbal and visual commands, and leash corrections to bring civilian training to the same level as law enforcement and military k9 standards. 


Our training is working towards off leash obedience standards. Our methods have proven to be reliable and trusted since our inception in 2018. We offer a variety of dog training services to suit every need, including private lessons, behavior modification, group classes and in-kennel training. Our services are based on humane, motivational techniques to help our clients achieve long lasting outcomes with their dog.


Our dog trainers will work with you to identify the root causes of your dog’s behavior and provide you with the solutions you need.



What We Can Offer You

  • Consistency

We want to make sure that every dog we meet is getting the best training possible. Consistency from dog to dog, session to session, and set to set is something that we pride ourselves in. The more consistent you can be with a dog the better they are going to respond to the training. 


  • Working Dog Obedience Standards

All of our dogs are trained at the working dog level. All of our certifications are up to the highest standards in working dog training. Using a higher standard will help you bring your dog to levels of obedience you didn’t know was possible in a pet. 


  • Knowledge of Canine Behavioral, Physiological, and Psychological Responses of Canines

In our training we work with knowledge of canine behavior, biology, and natural  neurological responses to get to the base of what dog training is. We use this knowledge to train dogs as efficiently as possible. 


  • Off Leash Training

Off leash recall can be considered the ultimate goal of most canine trainers. In working dog training all dogs must be able to pass obedience both off and on leash. All of our training is working towards off leash recall.



  • Flexibility

A dog should be an exciting and positive addition to any home. Our goal is to work with your schedule as much as possible to make sure that transition is easy and comfortable for everyone. We understand that lives are busy but we want to make sure that dog training isn’t taking away from your day but adding to it. 



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