Quality Dog Tracking Training in Atlanta

We offer the most knowledgeable training when it comes to your dog learning how to track scents the right way. Our experiences are in:

  • Background in Law Enforcement Tracking Training
  • Knowledge of Canine Olfactory Responses

A dog’s nose is an incredibly complex tool that we use in tracking. We have done research on how a dog’s nose works to locate and track odor and scent.

  • Real World Scenarios Applied to Training

A track could be through the woods or down the highway and our canines need to be ready for any scenario. We take our dogs out into the world and train in a variety of terrains and environments to make sure they can work through anything. 

  • Build a Realistic Scent Picture for the dog

A dog is never going to be running the same track twice. It will never be the same person, the same street, or the same time of day. While working with our dogs we want to make sure that they are building the most realistic idea of what a track smells like as possible. We mix up where we train and who we are tracking as much as possible so the dog can get the most realistic training we can give them.

  •  Knowledge of Odor and Scent Patterns

Odor is not a stagnant thing. It moves and changes over time. We have done research in how scent and odor travels and apply this to every tracking scenario. 

These classes will get your dog ready to track anyone while using the nose to track odors and scents.

Frequently asked questions

Sessions are typically an hour and a half to two hours broken up into small sets.
Try Fido’s Fast Track! We will give you everything you need to know to get your obedience training started. In this three day course we give you and your dog all the tools and knowledge necessary to home train your dog.
At the end of every session we will discuss how training is going and where we need to go from here. We want to keep you as up to date on training as we are.
We hope to send you home with just as much training as we send your dog home with. You will need to be involved in the training to help transition back to home life.