Quality Dog Tracker Courses

We offer some of the best dog training courses for your canine dog when it comes to handling and obedience in Atlanta GA.

Train with your dog to be the perfect K9 duo
All about dog obedience. We will prepare you to go out and train dogs in obedience.

Frequently asked questions

Sessions are typically an hour and a half to two hours broken up into small sets.
Try Fido’s Fast Track! In this three day course we give you and your dog all the tools and knowledge necessary to home train your dog.
At the end of every session we will discuss how training is going and where we need to go from here. We want to keep you as up to date on training as we are.
We hope to send you home with just as much training as we send your dog home with. You will need to be involved in the training to help transition back to home life.